Infova Consultancy Pvt Ltd is engaged in offering consultancy services regarding societies, trust and NGO. Our services include registration of public welfare societies, charitable trusts and independent and government NGO’s.
Our team of experienced former non-profit executives and researchers make sure your charitable are invested wisely by identifying effective organizations and screening out those with undesirable political affiliations or undisclosed objectives.
We also make sure that our employees have a proven record of developing, managing, and growing new non-profits. Our services include managing corporate filings, brand development, budgets, staffing, strategic planning and program development. We assist our clients in developing and implementing new charitable schemes and programs and we make sure that they get their determined goals in the short and long run.
We also make sure that our clients are registered legally under different laws and regulations like Registration u/s 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act and Registration u/s 35AC of Income Tax Act. We also assist charitable trusts in registering that contain following information.
• Name(s) of the author(s)/settlor(s) of the trust
• Name(s) of trustee(s)
• Name(s) if any, of beneficiary including public at large
• Name by which trust shall be known
• Name where principal and/or other offices shall be situated
• Property that shall devolve upon trustee(s) under trust for benefit of beneficiary/ies
• Intention to divest trust property upon trustee(s)
Furthermore, Infova conducts audits on structural manoeuvres, management, recruitment, and programs to provide contributors with the self-assurance they need to know their investment is making a transformation in a right manner.

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