Child Protection

The main objective of providing child protection consulting services is to strengthen the social and economic well-being of our nation. As we know, there are an increasing number of cases related to human trafficking, child abuse, domestic violence on kids, child sexual harassment and kidnapping of children. We know that the safety and protection of children will, ultimately, decide the fortune of our nation and that is the reason we are in this service.We closely work with families and communities to protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect children. We initiate and develop community-based programs and facilities that support juveniles to be responsible and mature and to develop adequate resources through partnership with the community.

We employ dedicated and enthusiastic professionals with credentials in social work, counselling, teaching and career planning. Furthermore, we also give them special training to deal with the children and their parents. We also provide training about different laws related to child protection, child abuses, juvenile law and social behaviour and other legislations.

Infova Consultancy Services specialises in supportingsocieties to endorse child safety through the suitable management of workplace child protection issues including accusations against employees, risk of noteworthydamage and welfare concerns and occurrences of concerning sexual behaviour between children and young people.

We conduct child protection inquiries and risk calculations, provide child protection teaching, accomplish significant harm and well-being concerns and problematic sexualised behaviour, undertake child protection procedureexpansion and provide dedicatedbacking services.

These areas are challenging to deal with and require a possible legal response as well as the need to fine-tune often competing interests and emotions of all the individuals involved. We are highly skilled in dealing these emotional issues with navigating the legal requirements.

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