Infova Consultancy Services is built on proficiency and intuitions into business and markets by professionals with rich global experience, and it is a firm committed to establish an operative platform of global business by providing consulting and match-making commercial services. We provide commercial services in liaison with government agencies and supreme authorities. We help our clients to gain a specific business advantages related to government policies and regulations and other administrative authorities.
Infova Consultancy Services has been specializing in identifying the norms by government officials and react profoundly on them to get maximum benefits. It may be assisting organizations in filling up the government tenders with the most appropriate prices or adapting changes with new government regulations and policies. We have established wide links with government authorities, business associations, law firms and consulting firms.
We know that in a competitive world, margins can be tight and businesses need to ensure they have left no stone uncovered in their efforts to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. From industry to industry some things may differ, but the same commercial principles apply across the board and we are the best in identifying the project needs and estimating project costs. Our clients vary for different categories like Governmental agencies,large enterprises and institutions,Industry Association, Companies intending to invest and do business in India, Companies intending to invest and do business outside India,Academic institutions, etc.
Infova Consultancy Services aims to enhance company’s competitiveness by promoting information sharing, knowledge transfer and capability development through its services. It also seeks to deepen clients’ understanding of external environments by facilitating interactions between enterprises and governments.
We make sure that our clients get a complete exposure to different relevant tenders by government bodies and get it by putting appropriate cost estimation and accurate documentation.

In an attempt to remove the effects of relative price changes over time, ICS ...
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In an attempt to remove the effects of relative price changes over time, ICS ...