We do understand the preservation of our beloved environment and strive to achieve our corporate responsibility goals by serving the society in a meaningful way. It is in our Code of Conduct policy.
Environmental preservation and climate change are the two main challenges to business and society that affects economic solidity, environmental science and susceptible societies. Infova Consultancy Services Ltd is committed to bring on this challenge of environmental protection and climate change mitigation.
We are in the business of providing IT services, business consulting solutions and outsourcing and do understand the impact of our business practices on our environment. We consume invaluable resources like energy and water and also generate some kind of wastes. We shall endeavour to diminish our straightinfluences on the environment while alongside increasing our facilities and resolutions to help customers to develop their environmental and carbon performance toward meeting their sustainability goals.

Infova aims to accomplish its environmental promises through the following broad-level actions:
• Coming up with infrastructure designs that integrates energy and environmental considerations.
• Make sure that resources like water and energy are used efficiently in business operations.
• Reduce carbon footprint through energy efficiency measures and increasing the renewable energy component of our energy portfolio.
• Biodiversity preservation and enhancement in campuses.
• Attempt toward “greening” our IT substructure and processes including data centres.
• Passionatelyendorse “green procurement”.
• Consider stakeholder expectations for development of our infrastructure, operations, processes and solutions to the amountpracticable.
• Review the environmental policy and allied management systems periodically to ensure their continuing applicability and relevance to our operations and evolving stakeholder expectations.
• Strive to support numerous charitable countrywide and world-wide procedures, resolutions and settlements on environment and proactively involve with administrative and other organisations in lashing future environmental programme and regulation.
• At Infova, environment preservation is fundamental to our business policy toward sustainability and we shall endeavour to fulfil all our environmental responsibilities and promises as a truly accountable international corporate resident.

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