Infova ConsultancyServices Ltd provides a wide range of financial consulting services to some of the most prestigious financial institutions around the globe. There are so many strategic and operational hurdles, institutions face every day and we help them in sorting out them with effective and well-researched solutions.

Our genius financial experts have a wide range of financial experience in supreme management levels and have a sharp eye on the financial up-downs around the globe. It has enabled us to come up with remarkable and innovative solutions.

There are so many challenges financial institutions face like increasing supervisory and security requirements, providing superior levels of buyer solutions and managing price pressures with boundless competence.

Infova provides Dependable and protected structures that address market changes quickly, advance lucrative customer associations and secure new prospects to stay ahead of rivals. We offer comprehensive, high-end, domain-led business solutions that facilitate banking and financial services institutions with emphasis on their central financial services aptitudes.

Infova provides consulting services in different segment of financial services including, but not to limited to the following:

  • Cards
  • Banking Technology
  • Depository/Registry
  • Custody
  • Appeasements
  • Retail Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Surveillance
  • Corporate Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Exchanges/Trading/Broker-Dealer
  • Clearing/CCP

We also offer valuable advices and suggestions to our clients on different challenging topics like money laundering, KYC guidelines, FI insourcing, G30 recommendations, MiFID,  algorithm training, Basel, common loan origination, market data streaming, relationship based pricing etc.

We also help them in realizing and retaining their goals like optimized investments, enhanced operational efficiencies, minimized risk and sustainable cost leadership.

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