Monitoring & Evaluation

Before start, let’s know what is Monitoring & Evaluation?
Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is a procedure that helps improveoperations and accomplishing results. The main goal of M&E is to improve current and future management of productions, upshots and influences. It is mainly used to evaluate the performance of assignments, organizations and programmes set up by governments, globalassociations and non-governmental administrations. It inaugurates links between the past, present and future activities.
The Monitoring and evaluation processes can be accomplished by the contributorsbankrolling the evaluated activities, by an autonomousoffice of the executinggroup, by the planadministrators or implementing team themselves or by a reserved company. The reliability and impartiality of the monitoring and evaluation reports depend very much on the independence of the evaluator or evaluating team in charge. Their expertise and independence is of major importance for the process to be successful.
Infova Consultancy Services Ltd is one of the leading institutions for Monitoring & Evaluation consulting providers in India. We have carved a niche for ourselves by offering unbiased and accurate results to the organizations on time that helped our clients to make decisive strategies and advanced planning.
Successful monitoring and evaluation serves to enhance transparency and accountability, increasing investor and donor confidence. Infova can help to recognize operative evaluation standards and improve dimension metrics, bestowing policy makers with the beleaguered info required to affect cost-saving actions, enhanced distribution of services, and improved organization performance. Infova also demeanours training on monitoring and evaluation practices and tools.

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