Infova Consultancy Services Ltd. generates customer value through the execution of economical employee benefits programs. We partner with our clients to provide them with the most market-competitive group health plans available. Infova Consultancy Services Ltd. focuses in delivering advantage consulting and technology solutions to oversee those programs that eventually permit our clients to focus on their critical commercial requirements.
There is a noticeable gap in offering benefit solutions. On one end of the gamut it is possible to be “over consulted,” considering little benefits from the additional time and money spent. The other end of the spectrum is being just offered a benefit “plan or package” which could be a cookie-cutter solution not offering the firm the best accessible choices for their needs. Infova Consultancy Services Ltd. has always well-adjusted this tactic by proposing the accessing services our clients need in the most adequate form.
From conducting meetings with directors or employers and engaging with employees for many times, we make sure that we develop a win-win strategy for both of them. We do understand the utmost importance of employee welfare in any organization. We strive to give a lot of performance improvement and employee motivation strategies and policies that can help in enhancing the employee loyalty towards organization. Furthermore, we also make sure that an organization’s turnover ratio stays minimum and ultimately reaches to zero. We also conduct various training modules and programs for human resources personnel to manage employees and management sharply and effectively.
Our consulting services are effective, customized and can easily introduce in any working mechanism and offer exceptionally well results to our clients and help them to achieve their HR goals and performance.

In an attempt to remove the effects of relative price changes over time, ICS ...
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In an attempt to remove the effects of relative price changes over time, ICS ...